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What is a card?

In Messagenes, cards are profiles created by the user for his interests and projects.

Why cards?

Because cards is the format that allows you to unbundle your life and separate your contents to reach your audiences better.

Also cards enable newsrooms. Without cards wouldn’t be possible to separate content for each Newsroom and its audience.

Why post on cards and not directly in Newsrooms?

The main reason is the ability to unbundle yourself. With cards you only show the part of yourself that is of interest to the audience of the Newsroom.  If you would post directly, your complete wall would be visible to others and not just the specific wall for that audience/newsroom.

How many Cards can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of cards free of charge. Contributing content is free.


What is a Newsroom?

The place where a group of cards publish content.  It can be public or private.

How do collaborators contribute content?

With the free Messagenes app they post texts and images to the card they created for your Newsroom.  For each post they select the right card because they might be collaborating with multiple Newsrooms.

Is having a Newsroom free?

Yes, if you just want one Newsroom, it will always be free. Check out the pricing plans for more information. 

How many Newsroom can I create?

Depending on your plan. See pricing

How many Newsroom can I create?

Depending on your plan. See pricing

News Centers

What is a News Center?

A News Center is a collection of Newsrooms that belong to the same community (professional, non-profit, educational, etc).


What happens to my personal data?

Messagenes does not trade data. Our business model does not depend on selling or offering your data to advertisers. We are ad-free and protect your personal data.

Do you still have questions?

Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any doubt you may have.