Forever Free

0€/ forever
  • 1 Newsrooms
  • Hibernation
  • 20 Cards
  • 1 API key
  • Content control
  • Data Cards
  • 1 News Center
  • External Newsrooms


35€/ Monthly
  • 4 Newsrooms
  • Hibernation
  • 1x Content control
  • 50 Cards
  • 1 News Center
  • Data Cards/ Frame in 1 newsroom
  • External Newsrooms
  • API key


  • 30+ Networked Newsrooms
  • Hibernation
  • Content control
  • API
  • Online Portal
  • Multiple News Centers
  • Invitation Codes for Members
  • API key


Is the free version the full version?

No, the forever free plan is the full version of Messagenes, but it is enough to get to know the platform and make good use of it.

What happens to my data if payment stops?

We freeze your account during 3 months. If we have no news after that, we erase your all your content.

Do you offer annual plans?

Yes, annual plans are available and receive one month FREE. If you cancel early your unused time will not be refunded.

Contact us if you want to pay for the whole year.

Is there a discount for charities or non-profits?

Yes, have a look at the Civic Media Foundation or contact us directly here.

If you can’t find the answer to a question here then contact us, we’re happy to answer any queries you might have.

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