The Civic Media Foundation

metrics & data for local social impact

The Civic Media Foundation (CMF) helps non-profits and charities serve their stakeholders with live progress reports and stories about their activities.Small data collected from the projects helps to understand, manage and learn in a more efficient way.


The news generated by projects can become part of the local civic news network. The network brings civic society to life: it enables impact investment, engages citizens, strengthens the social bonds in the community and promotes a more inclusive society.
The Civic News Network operates with regional partners that run the local civic news networks. They help set-up the newsrooms and news centers of local organisations and train the ‘civic reporters’.


CMF also helps cities develop an impact strategy and help non-profits set up the corresponding monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks. With the live stories, small data and metrics local organisations focus on desired results and become attractive for impact investors.

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